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RunPlan now for Pocket PC / Windows Mobile

Microsoft ISV Partner ProgrammA RunPlan release for
Pocket PC
/ Windows Mobile
powered devices shall be available for soon.


RunPlan 2.3 on Treo 750 (Windows Mobile 6)

Runs on StyleTap

With StyleTap Palm Emulator

you can run RunPlan 2.3 right now on

PocketPC 2003, Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6

powered devices!

  1. Download most recent version of RunPlan 2.3 for Palm OS:
    RunPlan 2.3 optimized for StyleTap use  (last updated
  2. Extract files RunPlan.prc and RunPlan_table_Category.pdb
  3. Install StyleTap
  4. Chose to install StyleTap to a storage card
  5. Run StyleTap Application Installer on your PC in Programs->StyleTap->StyleTap and pick previously extracted RunPlan files for installing on Windows Mobile/PocketPC device:
    RunPlan unter StyleTap installieren (1)
  6. If you have been using RunPlan 2.3 on a Palm device before, it makes sense to also install your existing training log data files (PDB) to the new device. You'll find these PDB files in Palm HotSync backup folder on your PC, e.g.: C:\Palm\<user>\Backup
    RunPlan unter StyleTap installeren
  7. If you prefer, you can manually copy Palm PDB and PRC files to your designated StyleTap installation folder (StyleTap\db) on your mounted Windows Mobile/PocketPC device:
    Installieren über Datei-Explorer
  8. StyleTap costs $49.95 (US). There is a 14 day trial period.
  9. On Windows Mobile/Pocket PC devices with 320x240 or 240x240 (Treo 750) screens StyleTap emulator runs your Palm apps in low resolution (160x160). Only on devices with 480x640 (VGA) screens can StyleTap render Palm high resolution (320x320). That is why Palm  apps which support high-res only won't run in StyleTap emulator on your Treo 750 and the like.
  10. You can  re-use your Palm Registration codes in StyleTap emulator.
    In StyleTap set "user name" to equal your Palm HotSync ID:
  11. Palm HotSync ID in StyleTapPalm HotSync ID in StyleTap
  12. RunPlan data (PDB) files changed in StyleTap on your Windows Mobile/PocketPC device can safely be copied back to a Palm device, whenever you're tempted to swap platforms again:
     RunPlan Datendateien unter StyleTap
    Copy files listed above from your Windows Mobile/PocketPC device (e.g. Computer\Wolfgang Rists Treo 750\Storage Card\Program Files\StyleTap\db) to your PC and remove characters from # to end of file name
     (e.g. rename RunPlan_table_Log#aiaaaeaafafcfaenebfeebee to RunPlan_table_Log). Also alter file type from STP to PDB. These can now be easily installed to your Palm device.

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