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RunPlan 2.3 
  • RunPlan is an application for Palm OS® PDAs
  • Be independent of training plans on paper, stats sheets or your desktop PC
  • RunPlan helps you achieve your fitness goals
  • RunPlan helps you get in shape for a Marathon or a Triathlon
Maintain Sport categories
  • Use RunPlan now for your triathlon training
  • Keep track of various sport activities (Inline Skating, Nordic Walking, Cross Country Skiing...)
Enter workout data (Training):
  • stores your favorite routes/courses; calculates distances from laps
  • calculates your pace (min/mile, min/km, mph, km/h)
  • calculates calories burned during the workout - based on "Time/Duration", "Pace" and "Weight"
  • addtl. field: Mood 
  • move to previous/next training record within filtered result set (e.g. all runs on "Seaton Rd.")
  • monitor and analyze your performance at a fine grained level
  • [Max] indicates your best/fastest lap
  • [Min] your slowest lap
  • [Sum] gives you the lap times and distance total.
  • [Avg] produces the average lap
    time, distance and pace
  • track the miles you've put on your running shoes
  • monitor any type of gear (multi sport) 
Analyze and summarize training data (Log):
  • view results numerically or graphically (bar chart)
  • Course filter: view/tally only trainings of a specific course
  • 2 active columns 
  • Sort (left data column) :  
  • Time/Distance filter: view/tally only trainings of a specific length or duration
  • retrieve "longest", "farthest, "fastest"... run for any period of time: (Min, Max, Avg, Sum selector)
  • tap on any result record and jump to Training form to view your "longest", "fastest"... run in detail
  • summarize by Day, Week, Month, Year or overall Total
  • addtl. reports: "Average HR", "Max. HR", "Rest. HR", "Weight", "Calories"
  • export your Log book data formatted as comma separated values (CSV) via Palm Memo Pad
  • search log record notes to find a specific word
  • advanced filtering :
Maintain training plans (Plan):
  • see at a glance, whether you have fallen short of your goals or whether you're perfectly in line
  • define a personalized set of codes and terms for your training plans (5M, FTLK, HILL, INT...)
  • Associate training codes with sport categories 
  • what's your achievement in "5M" runs for the current month (in miles, hours or percent)?
  • share a training plan with a friend: beam your training schedule to another Palm OS® device via infrared
  • displays days countdown before next (running) event 
RunPlan calculates your Body Mass Index (BMI)
Supports 320x480 screen, 5-way navigation:
Palm Tungsten T|X [@ amazon.com] Palm LifeDrive [@ amazon.com] Palm Treo 650 GSM [@ amazon.com]
Download a trial version or buy online

RunPlan 2.32 (beta):

 (last updated 06/25/2008)

RunPlan 2.3 (multi sport) is available online @
PocketGear: or Handango:

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