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Schedule and track your personal training with RunPlan 2.3 for Palm OS®.
is always with you. Be independent of training plans on paper, stats sheets or your desktop PC.
Palm Centro [Sprint]
RunPlan was developed by:

Wolfgang Rist

  • is an application for maintaining Training Plans on a Palm OS® PDA
  • helps you achieve your fitness goals
  • helps you get in shape for a marathon, triathlon or any other running event
  • makes training plans on paper look like a thing of the past
  • lets you build and handle your training plans in a quick-access calender view
  • can copy training plan entries to the Palm datebook, so there is no way you miss a training event
  • lets you define a personalized set of codes and terms for your training plans
  • lets easily compare your goals vs. your achievements for any period of time
  • see at a glance, whether you have fallen short of your goals or whether you're perfectly in line

  • tracks your daily runs in a Log Book
  • records notes about your run
  • stores training data, such as time, distance, heart rates, weight, weather...
  • stores your favorite routes/courses; calculates distances from laps
  • tallies your mileage, total time, pace etc. for any given time frame
  • calculates your pace in either minutes/mile, minutes/km, mph, km/h
  • can convert between miles, yards, kilometers and meters
  • graphing feature: draws bar chart for summarized distances, times, pace...

April 6, 2008
Runs on StyleTap
Run RunPlan 2.3 (with StyleTap emulator) on Windows Mobile powered devices
See RunPlan for Windows Mobile/PocketPC.
Jan. 8, 2008

RunPlan Version 2.3 (multi sport) available. See Products.

Dec. 5, 2006

RunPlan Version 2.2 (multi sport) available. See Products.

Nov. 12, 2004 RunPlan Version 2.1 upgrade available. See Products.

Apr. 28, 2004
RunPlan Version 2.0 available.       
Dec. 16, 2003
Best Running Tool 2003/2004: Garmin Forerunner 201 (GPS based distance and pace monitoring).  

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